2017-18 Enrollment Application Period Open

Academy of the City Charter School is currently accepting applications for Kindergarten (children who will be five by December 31, 2017), First Grade, Second Grade, Third Grade, Fourth Grade, and Fifth Grade.

Deadline to apply is April 3rd, 2017

If more applications are received than seats are available for that grade, a public lottery shall be held on April 5, 2017. Instructions and applications in English and Spanish are available at our Enrollment page

Parent Training Workshops

Academy of the City is offering free parent workshops in a wide variety of subjects. 

Spanish Class for Adults
Date: Fridays 9/23/2016 through 2/6/2017
Time: 8:30 am - 9:30 am or 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm. You choose either session or both.
Place: PCO Portable

Continuing Education Workshop: LaGuardia Community College Continuing Education Program offers affordable tuition and
financial packages, academic and career advising geared especially for adult students.

Get the NYC ID Card  We'll help you in making the appointment and filling out the application. You will need to go to a select location to obtain the ID Card.  

If you have questions about any of these workshops, call our parent coordinator, Noel Peguero, (718) 487-9857


Straight from the Classroom: Library Activities - 11/22/2016

Library Fun!

Over the past few weeks, the library has hosted many special occasions for our students. Here's a few.



December Board Meeting


Please take notice that the Board of Trustees of the Academy of the City Charter School will hold its December meeting at 5:00pm on Tuesday December 20th, 2016 at Academy of the City Charter School, located at 31-29 60th Street, Woodside, NY 11377. 


Please take notice that the Education Committee of the Board of Trustees of the Academy of the City Charter School will meet at 4:00 pm on Tuesday December 20th, 2016 at Academy of the City Charter School, located at 31-29 60th Street, Woodside, NY 11377.

Interested members of the public are invited to attend

Puzzle Club - November

Highlight of the Week - 11/22/2016

Creative Writing Club!

The kids in Creative Writing have been working on fiction stories, nonfiction stories about themselves and biographies about others, and comic strips!


Highlight of the Week - 12/1/2016

Recess with 1 Grade!




Highlight of the Week - 11/16/2016

Literacy Centers!

"Here are the students of 3-204 working in Literacy Centers. We have centers almost every day. When working in centers, students get to work on vocabulary, editing, genre reading and writing, dictionary work, and so much more! They love their daily center work because it gives them a chance to apply their knowledge in a variety of ways!" - Ms. Cardillo, 3rd Grade Teacher


Weekly Memo - October 28


Collecting your child from school before 3:30 pm interferes with your child’s education as well as the lessons being taught by your teachers.The pick up of students is generally not allowed between 3:30 pm and the departure of buses from the school. Exceptions to this policy will only be made in the event of a medical emergency.


Please remember that the school dress code is in effect every day including 1/2 days. The fall season marks the beginning of cooler weather so it is advised that children should wear coats, hats, and gloves to school. Also, we recommend that your child’s name and class be properly placed somewhere on their outer clothing as it is quite easy for them to be lost or misplaced.


Monday, November 7th, from 8:45 am-9:45 am the specialists will present to parents.  The purpose of the meeting is to inform parents about our special classes. There will also be a PCO meeting directly afterward.


Tuesday, December 20th at 4 pm--1st Annual Art, Science, Spanish Expo is scheduled. This will be an evening event that works alongside the PCO Book sale.  There is also a Board meeting that night at 5 pm

Please note the following important upcoming events:

November 8th                                 School open- Election day

November 11th                               School closed- Veterans day

November 23rd -25th                    School closed- Thanksgiving recess


Donate by shopping on Amazon

Every time you shop on Amazon.com you can have AOC receive a percentage back of your purchase cost. In order for AOC to receive credit for your purchase you must go through the Amazon portal. You must go through the portal every time. Boomark the link for easy access

This program is different from Amazon Smile. You will know you are using the right link because the code “acofthcichscp” will show up in the URL


General Mills Box Tops for Education

At AOC we participate in the General Mills Box Tops for Education Program. Last we collected 3,587 Box Tops which equaled $358.70 raised for the school.  This year our goal is to raise more than $500, which is a little more than one box top per child at the school.  Box tops are each worth 10¢ for schools and are found on hundreds of General Mills household and food products.

We collect box tops all year-round, but the school has a formal submission deadline twice a year to make sure we get the cash sent to us.  The next submission deadline is the end of October. If you have been collecting over the summer, we are happy to collect them anytime!

  • Cut out the box top on many household products that you already purchase.  Have your friends and family members save their box tops too!

  • Send your box tops by using a Ziploc bag or envelope

  • Tape or glue box tops on a collection sheet (see attached or available on the PCO bulletin board in the school lobby)

Return your box tops to the collection box in the school office. You can also send them in your child’s communication folder.   

Please reach out on any questions you may have and happy clipping!

 Box Top Coordinator Stephanie Walker (3-108) – stephanie.n.walker@pfizer.com

Turtles in 4-202

In October, Lily and Charlotte, two red-ear slider turtles came to live in 4-202 Ms Talbot's classroom. A tank with excellent materials were purchased for their home and a wonderful family from second grade (Alex, his father Orlando, mom and younger sister, Katie) dedicated their time and some of their own resources to make a beautiful oasis for our girls to live in. Mr. Alex works hard to maintain the tank by giving it weekly water changes and making sure the turtles have a healthy living environment. 



Straight from the Classroom: Crochet Club - 11/2/2016

"This week in crochet club we practiced the slip knot and chain stitch. We are learning how to stitch to make our very own infinity scarves." - Ms. Talbot, 4th Grade Teacher



Straight from the Classroom: Greek Mythology Project - 11/16/2016

Collaborating and Researching!

"Here are our kids researching, preparing, and collaborating for our Greek Mythology Project. For this project, they're learning how to analyze, research, and collaborate. They really enjoy working together to problem solve and the autonomy the project work gives them." - Ms. Cardillo, 3rd Grade Teacher



Highlight of the Week - 11/9/2016

Peers teaching peers!

"2nd Graders visited 1st Graders to teach them how to make and use a power bracelet to help them learn about numbers. Concepts covered included: what makes a ten, how addition and subtraction are related, adding 3 addends, and the break apart to make a ten and count on strategy." - Ms. Diamand, 2nd Grade Teacher


Highlight of the Week - 11/2/2016

Clubs, clubs, clubs!

20 clubs have been up and running for several weeks now. Our students have been learning a lot, and the results show! Can't wait to see their final products!


Highlight of the Week - 10/26/2016

Art - Collages & Self Portraits

This week we've launched webpages for a few of our classes including Art , Music, Science & Spanish. Here are a few photos from the Art page.


If you want to see more pictures like these, please click on Academics in the sidebar, and choose a subject.

Highlight of the Week - 10/21/2016

Our Fall Festival is just around the corner! Mark your calendar for Friday, October 28th at 6 P.M. Here are a few photos of last year's amazing event.


Speaking of photos, Picture Day is coming up on November 3rd. Please make sure to fill out and return those order forms to your child's teacher. If you don't have a copy, please pick up one from the Main Office.

Highlight of the Week - 10/14/2016

Half Day Fun!

Here's some face paint art on one of our half days!