A look into 2017 Third Graders


Third Graders learn all about the different types of Scientific tools they need to measure.  They are given hands on problems they must solve using a Balance, ruler, Thermometer, measuring cups and  tablespoons. This gives them the chance to understand the different units in measurement and is loads of fun.

Meet Mr.Carlson
I’m former Board of Education teacher since 2003. Born in Brooklyn raised in Queens. Graduated from Queens College with a degree in Secondary Education. I have taught many subjects including Math, English and now Science. Science is all about exploring and learning new things everyday. AOC has allowed me to encourage the wonder in teaching for all students.

Gardening fun with Third Graders.

Magnetism and 1 st graders

The first graders explore Magnetism and how they can control the movement of  magnetic items to move from left to right and up and down.  We started out by predicting if different items would be magnetic or not. Many tested various items such as paper clips, erasers, desks, chair legs, marbles and screws.  The students shared what they discovered with the class. 

Magnetism and 1st Graders

All about Sound

5th grade students learning about sound waves and vibration. Students using their own creativity made their own instruments from household items.


Fourth grade Students learn all about Volcanoes and with the help of our Art Department create paper mache Volcanoes that erupted.

Learning about the Five Senses

Measuring with Gram Pieces