Welcome to Physical Education

AoC Family-


My name is Brandon Faulkner and it is my sincerest pleasure to work with your children in physical education this year. For a number of years I have worked in the medical and clinical field, but education has always been my true calling. Your children and I have been having a blast in PE.


Here at AoC we strive to make this part of your children’s day meaningful and beneficial for their development. In the kindergarten through 2nd grades, we focus on movement concept development. This means the students will be engaged in fun activities that provides them with ample practice of loco-motor movements, such as skipping, galloping, hopping, jumping, slide-sliding, etc., while also exploring different pathways and directions to travel them in. Students’ also spend their time in the development of skill themes. This means that students practice throwing and catching, accuracy, chasing and fleeing, juggling, kicking and trapping, as well as stunts and tumbling.


In grades 3-5, students gain experience of how regular physical activity has a positive impact on their health and well-being. Three times during the year, students have an opportunity to improve their cardiovascular fitness as well as their muscular strength and endurance in what we like to call Personal Best Days. Far from a competition, students document their scores (that are not shared) in an effort to perform even better at the end of the year. In these grades students are also introduced to various sports and games where skill development is emphasized. The value of teamwork, cooperation, fair play, and sportsmanship are also experienced.


Yes your children have Physical Education at Academy of the City Charter School, not gym!



With Pleasure,

Mr. Faulkner

K-2 Physical Education

3-5 Physical Education