School FAQ

Where is the school located? The school is located at 31-29 60th Street, Woodside, NY 11377. The building was formerly the Corpus Christi Catholic School.

What grades does the school serve? We serve Kindergarten through Fifth grades. In January of 2019, we were approved for a charter to run a middle school. We will hold sixth grade in our current location until August 2020 when we move to a new building in Astoria.

Will there be yellow bus service? As a public school, we take part in the public school yellow bus system. More information can be found on the website of the Office of Pupil Transportation.  

Are there lunches and snacks? The school serves breakfast, hot lunches, and snacks to the children. Free and reduced-cost forms have been sent home as they have become available to us by the School Foods branch of the Department of Education. Forms are also available in the main office. More information on school breakfast, lunch, and snacks, can be found on the website of the Office of School Food and Nutrition Services.  

Are after-school programs offered?
 The school runs an in-school after-school program staffed mainly by teachers. Some children also attend the after-school program at the Variety Boys & Girls Club of Astoria.

Is there any outdoor space? The school has two outdoor play areas that are used by our students daily. In addition, there is a sizable gymnasium which allows the children to run and play indoors.

How can the parents get involved? All the parents who have children attending Academy of the City are automatically part of the Parent Community Organization (PCO). The purpose of the PCO is to give parents an audible voice in the development of the school. The school assists the PCO in selecting officers, adopting bylaws, and passing resolutions. The school wants the parents to take an active role in the governance of the school, and as such, they will have a real say in the direction the school's development takes.