AOTC Hires Middle School Principal

AOTC Hires New Middle School Principal
Posted on 04/16/2019
St Louis Adriaanby Julia and Hailey, 4th grade
The middle school is coming together as Mr. Lee has hired a 5th-8th grade principal named St Claire Adriaan. He will be moving from Los Angeles and will start on July 1st, but visited AoC in late March.
Mr. Adriaan's experience includes 19 years of teaching math in New Orleans and 11 years of being a leader as a middle and high school principal. He is originally born and raised in South Africa.
When asked how he will run the middle school, Adriaan plans on "listening to students' opinions and will not interrupt." He also wants to, "make the students feel like they are in middle school and not elementary school." His views on education include service learning, student representatives and outdoor trips. "I am very excited for the students to start in August," he said.